Community Calls archive

CSCCE hosts monthly community calls. On this page you can explore the listings from previous calls that took place in 2019. Recordings of the calls as well as shared notes are available to community members through our Slack group. You can request to join here.

December 2019 Community Call

Wednesday, 18 December at 2pm EST– Community holiday party.

Topic: A virtual potluck holiday party for scientific community managers

Blog post: You’re invited to a virtual potluck holiday party!

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Abstract: Join us for an end-of-year celebration and knowledge exchange! We’ll be hosting a virtual potluck which means what we share together depends on what the attendees bring. Please select a starter/appetizer, main/entree or dessert from the prompts in the blog post and email to let us know what you plan to bring. No need to prep slides – this is intended to be informal, sociable and fun!

November 2019 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 20 November at 2pm EST

Topic: An introduction to the four types of communities that we see in science

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In our work with scientific communities to date, we’ve identified different types of scientific communities – and different ways that they describe the community engagement role within their communities. This had led to a working model of four broad scientific community types that we’re eager to test and iterate!

Join us for a brief description of the four community types followed by lightning talk presentations from existing scientific community managers about how they think about their own communities (and how they might be different from the model).


Inaugural Community Call – October 2019

Date: Wednesday October 30th 2019 at 2pm EST

Topic: An introduction to the work of CSCCE and nurturing a community of practice (CoP) for scientific community engagement professionals.

Blog post: Join our first CSCCE community call!

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In our inaugural CSCCE community call, CSCCE Director Lou Woodley will give a brief overview of the activities of the Center and lead a discussion about what a community of practice for scientific community engagement managers could look like. We’ll discuss details of the new Slack group, the creation of community profiles and more. Please bring questions and suggestions for a rich discussion. All welcome!