September’s Community Call: Community Profiles

September’s community call will take place on Wednesday, 23 September at 6pm UTC (2pm US Eastern Time) and will center around the release of CSCCE’s Community Profiles. After an overview of the project, we’ll also hear from some of the community managers who participated in this pilot research study.

Join September’s call to learn more about CSCCE’s Community Profiles research project. Image credit: CSCCE

What are the CSCCE Community Profiles?

In conjunction with this month’s community call we’ll be releasing a first round of 13 community profiles. Each profile is a two-page infographic-style document, which will be free to download from our community resource library on Zenodo, as well as listed on the resource pages of the CSCCE website. In each profile you’ll be able to read more about the community, discover key statistics at a glance, and delve a little deeper into community programming, funding, and outputs and evaluation. We’ve also designed the profiles with comparison in mind, making it easy to look at several communities of interest and assess commonalities and contrasts. 

We’ll also be releasing a couple of new blog posts next week that describe the project in more detail, including how we developed and implemented our survey and how we incorporated key feedback from our Community Profiles working group. So, watch this space!

In this call…

We’re going to give an overview of the project: The why, the how, and the who. And then we’ll hear from a couple of the community managers who participated in this project, showcasing their final profiles. 

We’ll also share some of the big-picture findings from a comparison of the profiles, and talk about where these findings are leading us in terms of future research and programming. 

September’s call


Join September’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about CSCCE’s community profiles project
  • Hear from community members who took part in the project and learn about their communities
  • Find out how you can get involved in future CSCCE research projects and programming


Lou Woodley, CSCCE

Sara Kobilka, Renaissance Woman Consulting

Leslie Hsu, USGS Community for Data Integration

Mate Palfy, preLights

Steve Van Tuyl, the Academic Data Science Alliance

How to join

September’s call will take place on Wednesday 23 September at 6pm UTC / 2pm US Eastern Time.

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