This glossary is a growing collection of terms that we are building in collaboration with CSCCE community members as part of our work to support the emerging field of scientific community management. Many of these terms are regularly used in our trainings and resources.

Structure of the glossary

The glossary is comprised of different subsections that correspond to specific accompanying resources, such as the CSCCE skills wheel, our inclusive language glossary, and our virtual events glossary.

You can explore the different subsections by browsing the categories indicated in the categories dropdown menu on this page.

We will be adding additional subsections in the coming months and welcome suggestions of areas that you’d like to work on. Please contact with suggestions and feedback.

Browsing and citing the glossary

You can browse the glossary directly from this page by clicking a word from the complete glossary list below. You can also scan the alphabet for a specific letter and click on it to filter by that letter.

The page for each glossary term includes a corresponding citation for the resource and we request that you refer to that citation when using the terms in your work. Once we have created a first instance of a complete glossary, we will provide a citable DOI for the entire resource.

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