PBK Graduates

Congratulations to everyone who successfully completed CSCCE’s Creating Community Playbooks (PBK) course!

In this workshop-style, multi-week course, participants use CSCCE’s playbook framework and custom templates to create a “lite” playbook or collaboration guide, as well as an implementation plan to guide the socialization of this core piece of documentation in their community. PBK is a required course in CSCCE’s Community Manager Certification Program.

The digital badge image for Creating Community Playbooks (PBK) is a mint green circle with a white center. “PLAYBOOKS” spelled out in white, over the top of the mint green circle, and a mint green umbel design is overlaid in the white center. At the bottom right, on the outside of the circle, it says “CSCCE Training Course” in two shades of teal.

A detailed course description is available here.

Learners are given the option to be featured on this page upon completion of the course. Think you should be here, or need to update your info? Let us know: training@cscce.org.

Phil Bresnahan

Assistant Professor

Smart Coasts Collaborative

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Sophie Bui

Community Manager

Parsl, Center for Digital Agriculture

National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Lipi Gupta

Science Engagement Engineer

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Tajuddeen Gwadabe

Program Manager

Catalyst Project

OLS (Open Life Science)

Rebecca Hartman-Baker

User Engagement Group Leader

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Yan Kay Ho

Project Manager & Community Manager

Reclone Community Network

Open Bioeconomy Lab

Lena Karvovskaya

Community Manager RDM and Open Science

VU Open Science Community

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Lizzie Krisch

Community Manager


RockEDU at The Rockefeller University

Allie Lau

Public Engagement Senior Programs Manager

APS (American Physical Society)

Zoë Leanza

Communications Manager

AD Knowledge Portal

Sage Bionetworks

Martin Magdinier

Project Manager

OpenRefine Contributors Community


Curtis Sharma

Project Manager/Community Manager



Alessandra Soro

Community Manager