October’s Community Call: How communities can instigate culture change in scholarly communications

October’s community call will take place on Wednesday, 21 October at 6pm UTC (2pm US Eastern Time) and will focus on the importance of convening and connecting different community stakeholders to bring about culture change in the ways we do and share science.  We’ll hear from three community managers working in the field of scholarly communications, each with unique stories to share.

It’s also our community of practice’s first birthday, and we’re celebrating by giving away stickers to members of our community of practice. Let us know if you’d like some (info@cscce.org), and we’ll get them in the mail to you. 

Join in the discussion on October’s CSCCE Community Call. Image credit: CSCCE

Communities and culture change

Building supportive communities united around a shared goal or vision can be extremely powerful when trying to change how things get done. In the field of scholarly communications, there are a number of ways that organizations are trying to shift norms, from making research outputs more visible earlier in the research cycle, to ensuring that there exists infrastructure that enables people and products to be cited – and remain discoverable in the years to come. 

In this month’s call, we’ll hear from Laura Wilkinson (ORCID/Crossref), Iratxe Puebla (ASAPbio), and Emma Ganley (Protocols.io), who each have a unique perspective on how building communities in and around their organization has helped move the needle towards the goals and values they identify as critical. 

CSCCE’s CoP is one year old! 

We’ll also spend a few minutes at the beginning of the call to recognize the first birthday of our community of practice! It’s been exactly one year since Lou flipped the switch and opened up our Slack workspace, and to celebrate we’re doing a big mail-out of stickers to anyone from our community who sends us their address (info@cscce.org). 

October’s call


Join October’s Community Call to:

  • Hear from community managers working to instigate culture change in scholarly communications
  • Gain tips and best practices for community building for culture change in your own organization
  • Celebrate the first birthday of the CSCCE’s CoP! 


  • Emma Ganley, Protocols.io
  • Laura Wilkinson, ORCID/Crossref
  • Iratxe Puebla, ASAPbio

How to join

October’s call will take place on Wednesday 23 September at 6pm UTC / 2pm US Eastern Time.

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