CSCCE offers a range of training options to support scientific community professionals. We are currently developing additional offerings, so please check back regularly or join our mailing list to be the first to find out when new courses launch. 

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Our training philosophy

Learning and sharing together is one of CSCCE’s core values and we believe that in an emerging, dynamic profession such as scientific community engagement there are two complementary learning needs.

  1. The first is the creation of a shared vocabulary and set of frameworks to guide the way we talk about the work that we do – materials that we develop at CSCCE. 
  2. The second is the need for trusted learning spaces where we can discuss our own challenges and successes and learn from one another’s experiences. 

Learning together in cohorts is at the core of how we run our longer-form trainings, which is why we limit participation in multi-week courses to a maximum of 22 participants. 

Our instructors

We are a team of skilled communicators and facilitators, with extensive experience in academic publishing, international research collaborations, and research centers. We’re systems thinkers, passionate about building community, with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Multi-week online courses

Our online trainings are tailor-made for scientific community managers and other facilitators, contextualizing and synthesizing decades of research spanning organizational theory to marketing – all while honoring the wisdom that comes from practice and the value of peer support. 

What you can expect from a CSCCE online course:

  • Synthesis of theory and easy-to-use frameworks to empower you to discuss your work and make strategic decisions with confidence.
  • Contextualized examples to help you to apply key concepts to common scenarios.
  • Worksheets, activities and discussions to support you in leaving with a plan to implement what you’ve learned in your own community.
  • Connection to other community managers in STEM – and multiple opportunities to learn from their experiences and share your own.

The precise format of each multi-week course varies with the course content. Check out the course pages for our current courses for more details, and when each course will be offered next.


CSCCE webinars mini-workshops are an opportunity to dive deeper into some of our core frameworks and models. They are a great way to get a taste of our more in-depth online training modules, or acquire a broad understanding of the importance of STEM communities and the role of the community manager in STEM.

Each 90-minute mini-workshop includes presentations and interactive activities designed to inspire and empower you to reassess your own work through a community-centric lens. You will come away from each mini-workshop with actionable insights and new language and frameworks to discuss collaborative work and community-building roles.

We are currently planning our Summer 2022 mini-workshop offerings. More information will be posted here. 


Coming in 2022, we’ll also be offering a series of shorter webinars (approximately 60 minutes, including Q&A) which will either introduce core topics for those who do not have time to take a full course or cover standalone topics that are not part of an existing course. 

There will be more information on these in the coming months.

Your learning journey with CSCCE

Our goal is to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for professionals in the STEM ecosystem who are working to build and nurture communities. We are currently working to expand our offerings so that you can self-select the pace and configuration of  a learning journey that meets your needs. 

The prerequisite for enrollment in all new CSCCE multi-week courses will be graduation from Scientific Community Engagement Fundamentals (CEF) – or an approved exemption. CEF provides community managers of all levels critical language and frameworks for understanding what is a unique emerging leadership role. Participants develop confidence and increased clarity about their role, and build relationships with other scientific community managers. 

Completion of CEF is not required to participate in CSCCE webinars or mini-workshops. 

Courses that are coming soon include: 

  • Communities of Practice (CoP) – In this theory-based multi-week course you’ll investigate social learning theory, the value of building communities of practice, and how to examine and describe your own CoP project. 
  • Content Design (CODE) – This practical, multi-week course will help you communicate effectively with your community members by creating clear and engaging content. 
  • Content Strategy (COST) – Building on the skills you developed in CODE, this course will guide you through the process of creating a strategic communications plan, incorporating multiple content types. 
  • Community playbooks and collaboration guides (CPCG) – Learners will leave this workshop-based course with a community playbook that describes how their community operates. We’ll also review different types of playbooks and why they matter, in a variety of STEM contexts. 

Organizational partnerships and custom trainings

For organizations where multiple staff members or grantees would benefit from community management training, we can create custom cohorts of our existing courses or workshops. Please visit our consultancy page to learn more about this option, or email


My job title isn’t community manager – is CSCCE training for me?

If you are working with scientific communities or research collaborations in an academic, industry, or professional association setting, then yes. Additionally, program officers or funders who oversee community-centric initiatives, or professionals involved in running mentoring or alumni networks, might be particularly interested in some of our webinars. 

If you are uncertain if a particular session or series is right for you, please contact us by emailing

Do you offer financial support? 

Yes. We are currently building an Accessibility Fund to support learners for whom course and webinar fees are a barrier to participation. Please contact for more information about how to apply. 

Do the webinars or mini-workshops duplicate materials from CSCCE courses?

No. Our webinars and mini-workshops either go deeper on concepts and frameworks mentioned in our courses, or they cover entirely new topics. We use similar pedagogical techniques, however, so by taking a CSCCE webinar or mini-workshop you will get a taste of what it feels like to take a longer course.