CSCCE Community Manager Certification Program – Additional Activities

Participants in CSCCE’s Community Manager Certification Program are required to complete additional activities in order to graduate and become a CSCCE-certified community manager. These activities are designed to complement the three multi-week courses with shorter-form content and offer opportunities to build connections with members of your cohort. 

Requirements for completion

To complete the training, participants must take part in six, 90-minute CSCCE Mini-workshops. Two of these are a mandatory part of your orientation at the start of the program and the remaining four can be chosen from a growing collection of offerings. 

Learners will also participate in program orientation, attend at least three Quarterly Skills Share sessions, and present a lightning talk at one of these sessions.

On this page, you’ll find more information about each of these requirements. You can also find a visual representation on the Your program journey page.

Program orientation

Participants will receive a welcome pack of detailed orientation instructions to support their success in the program. Prior to the beginning of the program, we expect there to be about one hour of personal setup time as participants familiarize themselves with logistics, background reading, the private Slack channel for the cohort, and our learning management system. 

The program will officially begin with a live, 90-minute, orientation meeting on Zoom. This will take place approximately two weeks before the first course (Content Design) begins. 

During program orientation, all participants in the cohort will also take two required Mini-workshops together. These will focus on creating core values and giving and receiving feedback (more below). 


CSCCE Mini-workshops are 90- to 120-minute sessions that introduce discrete ideas in community management or go deeper on a core framework. Participants in the program will be able to build their own Mini-workshop program, with each Mini-workshop offered at least twice during the program of study. 

Participants can choose up to four more Mini-workshops to complete their requirements. They may take additional Mini-workshops for a small fee.

Required Mini-workshops

The following Mini-workshops form part of your onboarding and orientation experience:

  • Program orientation
  • Creating core values statements
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Optional Mini-workshops

You can then choose four of the following Mini-workshops:

  • Enacting culture change: The Four-Frame Model
  • Making a PACT for engaging virtual meetings and events
  • Designing for effective decision-making during virtual meetings
  • Selecting supplementary tools for virtual meetings and events
  • Working with volunteers
  • Preparing for large-scale collaborations
  • Designing for large-scale collaborations
  • Being an effective meeting facilitator

View more more information about CSCCE Mini-workshops.

Quarterly Skills Share sessions

Everyone participating in the program is a community manager in STEM, bringing unique experiences and skills into the cohort. At each Quarterly Skills Share session, two or three participants will give a lightning talk about something related to their work. As a participant, you are expected to present once during the time of your enrollment. 

Quarterly Skills Share sessions will also be open to other CSCCE learners (e.g., those who are taking CEF), giving participants the opportunity to raise their profile in the community, get feedback from a broader audience, and make new connections.