We create and share resources about scientific community management to support the  design, nurture, and evaluation of STEM communities in a range of contexts. While many of our resources are created by CSCCE staff, and build from our ongoing research program, we also co-create some of our resources with members of our community of practice

We’re gradually building out a series of carefully curated resource pages that currently includes:

If you’d like to contribute, for example by creating a case study about you and your work or a profile about your community, we’d love to hear from you (

Sharing, citing, and reusing CSCCE resources

Most of our published materials are made available under Creative Commons licenses for free download. Please note the specific license indicated on each resource as they do vary. If you have any questions about what is acceptable in terms of reuse under these licenses, please contact

If you use or reference CSCCE resources, please cite them as appropriate. We include suggested citations in the majority of our published materials. 

If you reuse CSCCE resources, or find any of them particularly useful, please let us know! We appreciate gaining a deeper understanding of how our work is impacting the field of STEM community management.