February’s Community Call – help us to launch our Community Profiles project

Our next CSCCE Community Call is on Wednesday 19th February at 2pm Eastern. Join us to discuss how we’re going to be creating Community Profiles to help connect scientific community managers with others doing similar things – and how to make the profiles useful to you!

Introducing the Community Profiles project

Some of the questions that we get asked most often about scientific community management go along the lines of “I’m looking to launch a new community focused on X. Can you tell me about another organization that’s already done this?” or “We’re looking to expand our community programming to include Y. Are there any best practices about how to do this – or things we should absolutely avoid?”

To help our community members to answer these questions more directly themselves, we’re looking to create a series of downloadable Community Profiles. At this concept stage (read: plans may evolve as we test and iterate!) we envisage that the profiles will be very visual, two-page summary sheets with some vital stats about specific communities that have agreed to be featured. As a user, you’ll be able to compare communities with similar audiences, online tools, programming and more – and possibly also reach out to their community manager to ask any follow up questions.

To support the project and make sure that we create profiles that are useful for scientific community managers, we’ll also have a working group to help us to test out our data collection survey – and to give feedback on the format of the template that we’ll use for each of the profiles to make them easy to compare.

If you’d like to get involved at the working group level, read more about the working groups here.

February’s call

Topic: Next steps in our Community Profiles project


Join February’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about the Community Profiles project
  • Share three key characteristics about your own scientific community
  • Learn from others on the call about their communities
  • Suggest questions that you would like downloadable Community Profiles to help you to answer

Speakers: CSCCE community members. This will be a facilitated discussion aimed at helping us to continue to get to know one another and to build out resources that meet our collective needs.

Please bring: Please consider the following questions before the call to help with the discussions:

  • What are some of the defining characteristics of the community that I manage that might be useful to others? e.g. “My community exists solely online and has multiple working groups. We have a large community team of 4 staff and we recently built out an evaluation framework that allow us to review our community activities on a 6-monthly basis.”
  • If I could share three things that I’ve learned from managing / supporting the community that I work with they would be…“How to set up a community team from scratch.” or “How to thrive in a remote-based organization.” or “How to engage busy researchers through in-person programming”
  • If I was looking for inspiration from other communities about the next steps to take for my community, the kinds of things I need input about are… e.g. “I would like to learn about other academic communities that have set up online-only mentoring programs.” or “I would like to learn about funding sources for staff to support communities like mine.” or “I would like to know what other communities of a similar size to mine (over 1000 members) are doing in terms of evaluation.”

How to join

February’s call will take place on Wednesday 19th at 2pm Eastern.

Our calls are hosted in Zoom – simply click here and we’ll see you in the webinar!

Video or not? You’re welcome to turn on your webcam if you like but fine if you prefer just to use audio.

Please note: We’ll be recording the calls so that others who couldn’t make it can catch up later.

Additional info about our community calls

Our community calls usually take place on the third Wednesday of every month at 2pm Eastern.

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