We’re hiring! Part-time communications assistant: Learn about community-centric communications with us as you start a new career

Are you interested in a career in STEM communications and/or community management? Then read on, because we’d love to hear from you! 

We’re looking to hire a temporary, part-time communications assistant to help us as we enhance our member engagement infrastructure. This is a great position for someone who is looking to transition out of academia, or would benefit from flexible working hours. And while this is an entry-level role, we’re definitely open to applicants with more advanced qualifications but who see value in learning new skills in community-centric communications. 

What will this role look like?

Reporting to CSCCE’s Communications Director and Content Archivist, Katie Pratt, you will be working primarily on projects that impact the everyday running of our 350-member community of practice. This will look like coordinating community programming, creating supporting documentation, and working with Katie and CSCCE’s new Membership Director Donna Okubo as we build out our member engagement infrastructure. 

While not an internship, this temporary position is designed to offer learning opportunities. You will learn the behind-the-scenes operations of a community of practice, developing key skills that you can take with you as you continue down your career path. These will include: 

  • Drafting clear and engaging prose
  • Basic project management
  • Communications strategy
  • Technical competencies, e.g., use of MailChimp

What skills are you looking for?

We’d love to hire someone who is in some way connected to the STEM ecosystem, with an interest in learning more about best practices in community management and communications. You might still be working on your Bachelor’s degree or a recent PhD grad exploring your career options. 

All applicants should be familiar with Google Suite products such as docs, sheets, and forms, as well as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. We are also looking for applicants who are used to working virtually, and comfortable communicating via Zoom, Slack, and email. Social media savviness is also a plus. 

OK I’m interested. Now what? 

We’re looking for someone who is available to start on Monday, 1 November 2021 and work with us for 6 months through 20 May 2022 (with a break from 17 December – 10 January). You will be able to work 15 hours per week, with a majority of those hours overlapping with the US East Coast day time. You’ll also need to be eligible to work in the US. You can view the complete job description here. 

If all these things work for you, then send your CV or resume (no more than 2 pages) to info@cscce.org, along with a cover letter that explains why you are interested in working with us. If you have questions about the role, Katie or CSCCE Director Lou Woodley would be happy to schedule an informal chat before you submit your application.