Community Calls

As part of our programming to nurture a community of scientific community engagement managers and those interested in scientific community engagement, we host a monthly community call via Zoom.

Providing support for scientific community managers remains at the heart of CSCCE’s mission. Image credit: CSCCE

2020 schedule

(You can find the archive of Community Call info from 2019 here)

We typically host our community calls at 2pm EST on the third Wednesday of each month, although speaker availability may result in scheduling changes. Abstracts and speakers will be updated as the schedule is co-created. The listings below reflect the most up-to-date information.

We welcome input about the topics for discussion – both ahead of time and during the calls. Please let us know if you’d like to present – or suggest a new topic for a call!

We will also share information about our community calls in our monthly newsletter.

October 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 21 October at 2pm EST

Topic: How communities can instigate culture change in scholarly communications


Join October’s Community Call to:

  • Hear from community managers working to instigate culture change in scholarly communications
  • Gain tips and best practices for community building for culture change in your own organization
  • Celebrate the first birthday of the CSCCE’s CoP! 


  • Emma Ganley,
  • Laura Wilkinson, ORCID/CrossRef
  • Iratxe Puebla, ASAPbio

Blog post: October’s community call

Zoom link: click here

September 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 23 September at 2pm EST

Topic: CSCCE Community Profiles research project


Join September’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about CSCCE’s community profiles project
  • Hear from community members who took part in the project and learn about their communities
  • Find out how you can get involved in future CSCCE research projects and programming


Lou Woodley, CSCCE

Sara Kobilka, Renaissance Woman Consulting

Leslie Hsu, USGS Community for Data Integration

Mate Palfy, preLights

Steve Van Tuyl, the Academic Data Science Alliance

Blog post: September’s Community Call | Recap

Zoom link: click here

August 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 26 August at 2pm EST

Topic: Member engagement and the CSCCE Community Participation Model


Join August’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about the CSCCE Community Participation Model
  • Hear from community members who have implemented strategies informed by the model
  • Join a discussion on how this might apply in a variety of scenarios


  • Shane Hanlon – “(Re)building a community from small beginnings to…small middles”
  • Elisha Wood-Charlson – “Building tiered engagement to (hopefully) meet community members where they are”

Blog post: August’s Community Call | Recap | Video archives: Woodley, Hanlon, Wood-Charlson

Zoom link: click here

July 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 22 July at 2pm EST

Topic: Planning and evaluating accessible virtual events


Join July’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about planning and testing your virtual event ahead of time
  • Consider access and accessibility when hosting a virtual event
  • Find new ways of evaluating whether your event will (or has) accomplish(ed) your goals


  • Tom Quigley – “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This – Non-Player Characters & Prepping For Your Virtual Event”
  • Rebecca Carpenter – “It’s All About Access: Planning Meetings for Wider Audiences”
  • Emily Lescak – “Evaluating Virtual Events”

Blog post: July’s Community Call | Recap | Archive

Zoom link: click here

June 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 17 June at 1pm EST

Topic: CSCCE Summer Social


Join June’s Community Call to:

  • Get to know your CSCCE community of practice colleagues
  • Make new professional connections
  • Have some fun! 



At the CSCCE summer social we’ll host a series of breakout room networking activities intended to give you the chance to have small group chats with your new and existing colleagues.

No preparation is required to attend the call – simply come along with an openness to meet others and have some fun along the way!

Blog post: June’s Community Call

Zoom link: click here

May 2020 Community Call

Date: Monday, 18 May at noon EST

Topic: The CSCCE core values and co-creating a community code of conduct


Join May’s community call to:

  • Find out more about how we are working with CSCCE members to co-create a code of conduct.
  • Offer comment on our initial core values statement.
  • Be the first to know how we will proceed from here and when a code of conduct draft will be available for review.


The CSCCE Code of Conduct Working Group:

  • Arne Bakker
  • Arielle Bennett-Lovell
  • Chiara Bertipaglia
  • Alycia Crall
  • Emily Lescak
  • Katie Pratt
  • Tracy Teal
  • Steve van Tuyl
  • Lou Woodley (chair)

Blog post: May’s community call | Recap

Zoom link: click here

April 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 22 April at 2pm EST

Topic: Exploring diversity, equity and inclusion as a community manager


Join April’s Community Call to:

Find out more about running online events designed to be engaging for participants.

  • Hear from the CEFP 2019 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Project Team.
  • Explore the ideas highlighted in their DEI tip sheets, which will be available soon as part of our new resources section.
  • Discuss and share your own thoughts and experiences with the CSCCE community of practice.


CEFP2019 project team: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  •  Kate Baker (presenting)
  •  Ellen Bechtol
  •  Rayna Harris (presenting)
  •  Camille Santistevan (presenting)

Blog post: April’s Community Call | Recap

Zoom link: Click here

March 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 18 March at 2pm EST

Topic: Community ambassador programs – what do they look like and what motivates the participants? Comparing the views of community managers and community members from CEFP surveys in 2017 and 2019.


Join March’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about the survey of community ambassador programs carried out by the CEFP2017 project team, the Advocacy Ninjas
  • Learn more about what motivates community ambassadors from an early analysis of survey data gathered by the CEFP2019 project team, the Busy Bees.
  • Discuss existing ambassador programs in scientific communities
  • Meet and connect with others running scientific community ambassador programs


CEFP2017 project team: Advocacy Ninjas

  • Allen Pope (presenting)
  • Rosanna Volchok (presenting)

CEFP2019 project team: Busy Bees

  • Toby Hodges (attending)
  • Naomi Penfold (presenting)
  • Kathryne Woodle (presenting)

Blog post: March’s Community Call | Recap

February 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 19 February at 2pm EST

Topic: Next steps in our Community Profiles project

Abstract: One of the activities that we’re focusing on in 2020 is building out a collection of downloadable Community Profiles of different scientific communities. These are intended to help scientific community managers find others who are trying – or have succeeded – at similar programming to their own.

As we start to ramp up this project, we’d like to introduce it in more detail and gather feedback about what would be most useful to you.

Join February’s Community Call to:

  • Learn more about the Community Profiles project
  • Share three key facts about your own scientific community (see blog post for more details)
  • Learn from others on the call about their communities
  • Suggest questions that you would like downloadable Community Profiles to help you to answer

Speakers: CSCCE community members. This will be a facilitated discussion aimed at helping us to continue to get to know one another and to build out resources that meet our collective needs.

Blog post: February’s Community Call

January 2020 Community Call

Date: Wednesday, 29 January at 2pm EST

Topic: Entering the new phase of CSCCE community programming – survey results, new working groups and what else is coming in 2020.

Abstract: Join us to discuss:

  • Initial results of our first survey of the members of our community of practice on Slack
  • Opportunities to join some initial working groups
  • CSCCE’s advisory board
  • What else is coming – and you’d like to see – in 2020.

Speakers: Lou Woodley, CSCCE Director – and you!

Blog post: January’s Community Call