CSCCE Working Groups

Starting in 2020, we’re supporting working groups focused on different ways to advance scientific community engagement.

We’re initially launching a small number of groups for our community members which will enable us to build processes and documentation so that we can scale up and add additional groups later in the year. If you’re interested in joining one of the groups listed here or have a suggestion for a future group, please email

Working together to advance our collective understanding of scientific community engagement. Image credit: CSCCE

Code of Conduct working group

Focus: This working group is focused initially on creating a draft code of conduct (CoC) for the CSCCE community – to cover our Slack group, website, blog and in-person events. The draft CoC will be circulated for comment with the intention of releasing a final version of the CoC in early Q2 2020.

Expectations: Attend a couple of hour-long virtual meetings and do up to 4 hours of work in total between meetings.

Chair: Lou Woodley

Members: Arne Bakker, Arielle Bennett-Lovell, Chiara Bertipaglia, Alycia Crall, Emily Lescak, Katie Pratt, Tracy Teal, Steve van Tuyl, Lou Woodley

Community Profiles working group

Focus: This working group is focused on testing, sharing and completing a survey designed to gather key data about individual scientific communities. This data will be used to create downloadable community profiles that will help scientific community managers to learn more about other scientific communities, including the tools, programming and challenges that they’re working with.

Expectations: We plan to launch the first draft of our survey in Q1 2020 and to preview initial community profiles by the end of March. The working group may continue to be involved in the recruitment of additional community profiles and iteration on the survey and downloadable resources.

This should not require more than a couple of hours per month for each working group member.

Co-chairs: Sara Kobilka, Lou Woodley

Members: Rebecca Carpenter, Marty Downs, Leslie Hsu, Lena Karvovskaya, Erin McLean, Ann Meyer, Serah Njambi Rono.

Slack welcome team

Focus: This team of volunteers acts to welcome new members of the CSCCE community to Slack – helping them to navigate the content and conversations and providing technical support if needed.

Expectations: 30 – 60 mins per week on Slack to help other community members to feel welcome and able to participate.

Members: Arielle Bennett-Lovell, Stefanie Butland, Rebecca Carpenter, Alycia Crall, Ann Meyer, Katie Pratt, Malin Sandström