We’re hiring: Junior Trainer and Curriculum Assistant

The CSCCE team is in a period of growth and transition, and we’re excited to be able to open up this junior role on our training team!

If you are interested in honing your training skills, learning the behind the scenes workings of Canvas LMS, and immersing yourself in the world of community building in STEM, then maybe you are CSCCE’s next Junior Trainer and Curriculum Assistant. 

Some background to the role

One of the ways in which CSCCE is having an impact on STEM communities is through providing professional development training to community managers. Our foundational training, Scientific Community Engagement Fundamentals (CEF) is routinely sold out, and with the launch of a Community Manager Certification Program  in 2023 (which includes four additional multi-week courses and accompanying mini-workshops), our training team is in high demand!

We are looking to hire someone with some experience in the classroom (think TA-ing, for example), as well as a background in STEM / working in STEM contexts, to join our team and learn from the more senior members about how we develop and deliver training programs. If this is you, you’ll also be responsible for supporting the delivery of courses, curating materials, and working behind the scenes constructing courses in Canvas LMS. 

If you have a background in community management, that’s great! If not, we expect that you will be interested in learning more about the underpinnings of our training offerings. The new hire will be part of our first cohort of CEF in 2023 (unless they’ve already taken it!).

Your position in the growing CSCCE team

We’ve been announcing several job openings lately, and we want to avoid creating confusion about this specific role. The Junior Trainer will be a critical part of the CSCCE training team, working on predominantly online training offerings in our core training catalogue. This will include supporting the delivery of CEF as well as the new courses that form the basis of our Community Manager Certification Program. 

Importantly, we do not currently see this role as having any overlap with the development or delivery of the POSE training program

Want to learn more? 

Check out the full job description for more information about roles and responsibilities. And if you’d like to schedule a short chat about the role, please contact info@cscce.org and a member of our leadership team will get back to you. 

If you’re ready to submit your application, please send a CV/resume and cover letter of no more than two pages to info@cscce.org explaining why you’re excited about this role and how it aligns with your skills.

We will begin hosting virtual interviews in mid-November 2022 and would like our new hire in place by January 2023.