We’re hiring! Work with us to develop training and resources that support open source ecosystems

In September, CSCCE received major new funding from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) in collaboration with Karthik Ram at UC Berkeley to develop training for grantees of its Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) program. Working closely with various partners in the open data, hardware, and software communities like the US Research Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI), we’ll be creating curricula, best practices, supporting materials, and a new community of practice over the next two years, incorporating frameworks and practices from existing CSCCE trainings and the open source community. 

To do this, we will be expanding our leadership and training teams, hiring three new positions. In fortuitous timing, we are also working to support URSSI as they hire their first community manager, some of whose time will be spent on this new project (see this blog post for more information about that role). In this post, we offer a brief summary of each new position here at CSCCE. If you’re interested in applying for any of the roles, please visit our hiring page for full job descriptions, and feel free to send any questions to info@cscce.org

Lead trainer and curriculum developer – open source specialist

We are looking for someone to join our training team who has expertise and experience in providing training in the open source, open data, and/or open hardware space. With a major focus of the grant being to create and deliver relevant training to leaders in these communities, it’s crucial that that expertise be reflected in the composition of our team in the classroom. With a track record of creating and delivering impactful and engaging training, whoever fills this role will be involved in co-developing and delivering virtual training, as well as managing the use of online learning tools including CSCCE’s new Learning Management System, Canvas and interactive tools such as Mural, Padlet and Wonder.

Some other things we are looking for include a familiarity with the principles of community management (maybe you took our Scientific Community Engagement Fundamentals course?), experience creating outward-facing communications, and comfort working remotely in a startup-like environment. 

The POSE project is not our only overlap with the open research community, so we anticipate a successful candidate will have the opportunity to grow rapidly, including having the potential to oversee future new training hires. 

Project manager – POSE training program

This is a large project with a wide range of partnerships, deliverables, and milestones to coordinate. We’re looking for a team-centric leader to take on the role of project manager for this program. Excellent communication skills will be key, as will attention to detail and a process-oriented approach to getting things done. This role will also involve taking the lead at multi-partner meetings, writing regular reports for different audiences, and synthesizing and integrating feedback. 

The new project manager will be responsible for ensuring all components of the project are delivered on time and within budget, managing partner communications and information flow, managing the grant budget, risk management, and coordinating stipends, reimbursements, and other administrative tasks. We’re happy to discuss a more detailed timeline for the project with any interested applicants, and expect future projects of a similar scale will ensure the longevity of this position past December 2024. This position will ultimately report to our new Director of Operations and Technology (see below) in our new Operations team.

Director of Operations and Technology

Reporting directly to CSCCE’s Director, this unique role on the CSCCE senior leadership team has two main functions – oversight of technology and operations. Our successful hire will oversee the adoption and implementation of any and all technological solutions related to both the POSE program and our nascent certification program. They will also be responsible for identifying and implementing a CRM solution for both the POSE community of practice and our existing contacts, and integrating with various platforms as necessary. Also within their technology remit is to take charge of CSCCE’s growing technology needs both for internal work and external trainings. 

The second part of this role is overseeing operations – working closely with CSCCE’s fiscal sponsor Community Initiatives, and our administrative support firm, to ensure that CSCCE continues to run effectively and within budget as we grow as an organization.

You’ll be a trusted, engaged partner to CSCCE’s Director, and will have a pivotal role in ensuring our future success. You’ll also oversee a new Operations Team, including the new Project Manager (see above).


Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter of no more than two pages to info@cscce.org explaining why you’re excited about the role that you are interested in and how it aligns with your skills as soon as possible. 

We will begin hosting virtual interviews the week of 7 October and would like our new hires in place by November 2022.