CSCCE to work with Bioconductor on a new grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

As part of the latest cycle of grants under the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI)’s Essential Open Source Software for Science program, CSCCE will be working with the software nonprofit Bioconductor as they develop a new training program and community platform for their users. 

About Bioconductor 

Bioconductor is built on the R programming language, and is an open source platform for the statistical analysis of genomic datasets. 

The Bioconductor community of users engages more than 1200 people around the world; developers who contribute to the functionality of the platform as well as the biomedical researchers who use it. This grant marks a new phase for Bioconductor, with a redesigned web presence and a new emphasis on user training. 

CSCCE’s role

This new grant will support the hiring of a new community manager for Bioconductor, a key human infrastructure role for any organization looking to intentionally invest in and nurture a community. CSCCE will support this new hire through training and consultation, ensuring they are set up to implement proven strategies for community growth and development. Our work together will include building out a community engagement strategy to ensure that Bioonductor continues to expand its reach and support community members in their activities. 

Work with CSCCE

CSCCE staff are increasingly included as personnel or subcontractors on foundation and government grants (for example, this recent NSF IUSE grant and this NSF INCLUDES EAGER grant). We are always interested in collaborating on community-focused projects, and appreciate the opportunity to help shape and deliver a project from inception to completion. If you are interested in learning more about what our grant collaborations look like, please email