CSCCE collaborating on a new NSF grant to help students at minority serving institutions succeed in environmental data science

This month marked the beginning of a new collaboration for CSCCE, thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation’s Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) program (NSF grant number 2135830).

We will be working with partner organizations in the data science domain to support a series of working groups and workshops for instructors at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs).

As the grant narrative outlines:

This project will organize monthly HBCU and TCU working group meetings and a series of mini-workshops to meet the following goals: 

  1. Identify the unique assets that HBCUs and TCUs bring to environmental data science education
  2. Analyze barriers to adoption of data science in teaching relevant courses
  3. Identify and raise awareness of resources available to support equitable data science education
  4. Promote relationship-building among faculty and partner organizations, forming the basis of a network for future resource sharing and curriculum development with peer support
  5. Collaboratively develop a living document with recommendations that will enhance student success in environmental data science

CSCCE will specifically be assisting with the planning and facilitation of the workshops and exploring whether these form the basis for an ongoing network of data science instructors.

Work that addresses diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in STEM has always been an important part of what we do at CSCCE, and we have a history of productive collaboration with organizations and individuals in the data science community. So, it is particularly exciting for us that we can combine these dual interests in a significant way, and in partnership with a dream team including staff from the Academic Data Science Alliance, The Carpentries, Native BioData Consortium, Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative, the SCORE-UBE Network, and the National Environmental Observation Network.

Can we support you with your next grant?

CSCCE is increasingly being written into the grants of our partners for a range of services in which we have expertise. Some examples of this work includes:

  • Community program design and delivery – including champions programs to support more diverse member participation and adoption of new practices such as metadata standards
  • Member research (interviews, focus groups) and strategic planning related to community-building initiatives including developing community engagement strategies
  • Hiring and training community managers, from developing job descriptions through the interview itself, to the first few months on the job
  • Reviewing existing community programs and providing reports and recommendations
  • Adaptation of CSCCE core frameworks (such as the CSCCE Community Participation Model and  CSCCE Community Profiles) to specific research questions or practical applications
  • Manuscript preparation related to shared interests 

Please get in touch early in your grant preparation process to discuss how we might support your project: