Welcome to Talisha Sutton – CSCCE’s new Assistant Director of Operations

Another new hire joins our team this month – welcome, Talisha Sutton! Talisha is joining us as Assistant Director of Operations, initially in a part-time position, and brings depth to our team in developing internal processes and nonprofit administration.

In this blog post, we’ll share a little more about Talisha’s experience and background, as well as what her role here will entail. In a future post, we’ll talk more about how CSCCE’s staff team has evolved over the last few months, and unveil our new org chart. 

About Talisha

Talisha joins us from The Carpentries, where she served as Deputy Director of Business and coordinated a range of internal operations activities for the past 5+ years. Prior to joining The Carpentries, Talisha worked in various technical positions in the biomedical research sector, managing research laboratories and providing administrative and financial support. Her background is in biochemistry, and she holds a Masters degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Michigan State University. So, like many of us at CSCCE, Talisha brings a combination of a science background, an appreciation for collaboration and teamwork, and additional complimentary skills to the team!

Transitioning away from the research laboratory, my journey brought me to The Carpentries, where I discovered the vast world of scientific communities and community management. It was through collaborating on updates to The Carpentries handbooks and participating in training sessions on Scaffolding & Decision Making that I first encountered the remarkable work of the CSCCE team. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of CSCCE and excited to contribute my skills to support the exceptional work already underway.

Talisha Sutton

Assistant Director of Operations – what this role looks like at CSCCE

Over the past 18-24 months, CSCCE has grown and evolved considerably as an organization, and with that growth has come the need for an internal operations function on staff. Talisha will work closely with Center Director Lou Woodley to take on core operations functions, while also gaining a deeper understanding of our internal project management workflows. She’ll also be involved in the administration and deployment of our technology, from overseeing our Canvas LMS instance to researching and adopting a CRM (constituent relationship management platform). 

We’re really delighted to welcome Talisha – it’s been great to get to know her over her first week with us and it’s obvious already how she’s going to bring some valuable project and stakeholder coordination to the team.

Lou Woodley, CSCCE’s Founder and Director