New section of the CSCCE glossary focuses on virtual events

One of the many resources we curate here on the CSCCE website is a glossary of terms related to community management in STEM. We’ve just added another 60 terms, all related to running virtual events! 

This list of new glossary terms was co-created with members of our community of practice during our May 2022 community call. We’ve added them to our searchable glossary, and you can also download a PDF of the collection from Zenodo. 

About this glossary section

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual (and gradually, hybrid) events have become commonplace. Whereas before the pandemic STEM community managers might have hosted internal meetings or working group calls via Zoom, now large community gatherings with a variety of goals routinely take place online. 

With 2+ years of experience in taking on the work of creating engaging, accessible, and inclusive online community events, we knew that our community members were brimming with knowledge on the topic. Combined with some CSCCE staff expertise in scaffolding and formatting, we gathered that knowledge into a glossary section, which is now available for download and reuse under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

The glossary complements the CSCCE guidebook to virtual events, which you can download here. The guidebook is divided into four sections: the planning and event design process, how to test and select online tools, how to offer a selection of different event formats (thanks to the contributions of our members!), and how to curate additional resources (an updated version of this last section is forthcoming, again thanks to community co-creation). 

About the authors

A big thank you to all of the co-authors on this section of the CSCCE glossary! In addition to CSCCE staff members they are: 

  • Rachael Ainsworth, Software Sustainability Institute
  • Megan Carter, Earth Science Information Partners
  • Alycia Crall, The Carpentries
  • Ivy Elkins, Zuckerman Institute at Columbia University
  • Malika Ihle, Ludwig Maximillian University Munich
  • Anne Kornahrens, Hertz Foundation
  • Reshama Shaikh, Data Umbrella
  • Claire Wyatt, Software Sustainability Institute

Co-create with us!

We’re always interested to hear what kinds of resources you’d be interested in co-creating with us and others in the community. Right now, we’re particularly curious about what additional sections of the glossary you would find useful. Let us know by emailing