Join CSCCE at FSCI 2019!

Join CSCCE at the 2019 FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI)

FSCI is a week-long course in scholarly communication for anyone who works in the world of science and scholarship. Classroom courses, group activities, and hands-on training provide attendees with “a friendly, community-based way of learning about and keeping up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities that are transforming the way science and scholarship is done.”

CSCCE Director Lou Woodley and Bruce Caron, PhD, Research Director, New Media Research Institute, Santa Barbara will be teaching a course at this year’s FSCI called “Help! How Do I Build Community and Bring About Culture Change for Open Science in My Organization?”

From the course catalog:

Description: We frequently hear about the need for culture change to make science more accessible, reproducible, and collaborative. These moves toward open science may occur at a grassroots or local level, within the institutions where we work, and more globally across the academy. Wherever it occurs, at the heart of culture change is the adoption of new behaviors that become increasingly supported and reinforced by the group or community. So culture and community are tightly linked.

In this course, we’ll explore what it takes to be a culture change agent, drawing on thinking about culture, community, and systems thinking. If you’ve ever been frustrated by attempts to co-create with others, been puzzled about why new ideas aren’t implemented more rapidly, or struggled to gain stakeholder buy-in, this course is for you!

Via discussions, sharing of models, and practical activities, participants will gain an increased awareness of the culture(s) at play in their own professional lives as well as methods to experiment with and implement new ways of working together more collaboratively.

Topics covered will include:

  • How do I recognize culture in my own professional context(s)?
  • How do I set up a project for successful community participation from the outset?
  • How do I (with others) intentionally change institutional cultural practices to foster open science?
  • What role can I play in brokering trust, building engagement, and reviewing success of a community-based project?
  • How do I identify the factors that may be blocking a group project – and understand why?

Proposed Level: All levels

Intended Audience: The course is aimed at anyone interested in promoting open science.

Requirements: Participants are expected to have read Module 1 of the Open Science MOOC:

Click here to register for FSCI, we can’t wait to see you there!

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