2022 CSCCE Resource Guide

CSCCE’s Community of Practice, which we host in a Slack workspace (find out more and request to join here), contains a wealth of information. Over the years, our members have shared hundreds of blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, and other media about a multitude of topics, from how to write inclusive content to hosting engaging and accessible events.

Whether you’re a member of the community and could use a reminder, or you’ve been wondering what tips our members have, we’ve curated some of 2022’s highlights in this blog post. Below is a list of 49 resources that garnered some of the most engagement in our Slack community over the past year.

Photo by Paul Melki on Unsplash

Putting inclusive values into practice

Equity, diversity, and inclusion: a new strategies framework from SPIE – The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Making Astronomy Accessible to the Blind — Students Partner with Professionals to Build New Software Tool – Associated Universities Inc. (AUI)

The Carpentries toolkit of IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Strategies) – The Carpentries

IT Inclusive Language Guide – University of Washington Information Technology

Ten simple rules to host an inclusive conference – PLoS Computational Biology

Worldwide public holidays by date – qppstudio.net

Increasing accessibility of events and materials

If your society is serious about diversity, equity, and inclusion, you need to keep having online conferences – Small Pond Science

When scientific conferences went online, diversity and inclusion soared – Chemistry World

Writing alt text for data visualization – Nightingale

An (updated) LGBTQ+ friendly survey template – UX Collective

Poor English skills? New AIs help researchers to write better – Nature

List of states the University of California cannot require employees to travel to – University of California, Davis

Where improvement is needed in DEI

Stop undervaluing exceptional women – Harvard Business Review

JEDI vs DEI: Can DEI consultants offer justice – Lily Zheng on LinkedIn

Walking the talk: Toward a values-aligned academy – The HuMetricsHSS Team

I stutter. But this is what you’re not hearing – The New York Times

Open science resources – and an example policy

Upstream – the new space for scholarly community discussion about all things open

Open science buffet – Esther Plomp

Open Update podcast – Liberate Science GmbH

CERN open science policy

Implementing open practices

10 simple rules for funding scientific open source software – Representatives of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Follow the money – Funding open, diverse, inclusive, and equitable science – Eunice Mercado-Lara and Kate Hertweck

Ten simple rules for getting and giving credit for data – PLoS Computational Biology

Open science, done wrong, will compound inequities – Nature

About abundance in open science: Maybe your bucket is too big – Bruce Caron

Open science and academic institutions

Moving open science forward at the institutional/departmental level – Open Working from 4TU.ResearchData & TU Delft Library

Academic capitalism and the future of open research – PsyCen (Centre for Psychological Research)

Decentralized science is poised to disrupt… well, everything – NEO.LIFE

Concerns about blockchain for science – Chris Hartgerink

Musings on how the world works and balancing being and doing

Time Management for Mortals – On Being

How I figured out I suffer from toxic productivity – The Ethical Rainmaker

Preaching to the choir – Seth’s Blog

One part of your life you shouldn’t optimize – The New York Times

Citizen future: Why we need a new story of self and society – BBC Future

Press 3 for a pep talk from kindergarteners. A new hotline gives you options for joy – NPR

Best practices for community management

Toolkit for cross-disciplinary workshops – Open Post Academics

How to avoid emails going to spam – mailgun

Deliverability Guides – Postmark

Ten simple rules to ruin a collaborative environment – PLoS Computational Biology

ARPA: A framework alternative to the RACI model – Help Scout

Introducing the periodic table of community strategy – GUILD

Ten simple rules for measuring the impact of workshops – PLoS Computational Biology

Working in the new normal

Managers, what are you doing about change exhaustion – Harvard Business Review

Remaking gathering: Entering the mess, crossing the thresholds – On Being

Workers think less creatively in Zoom meetings, study finds – The Guardian

3 types of meetings – and how to do each one well – Harvard Business Review

Replacing conferences with effective online learning experiences – Integration and Implementation Insights

Planning hybrid events – Digital Curation Centre

How to host inclusive hybrid meetings – UW-Madison Information Technology