Planning teamwork – 10 pointers from the Science of Team Science conference

Posted by Lou Woodley, Trellis’ Community Engagement Director.

The Trellis Team were busy last week as we attended 3 different community management-focused events in 3 different states across the US! One of the ones I attended was the 4-day Science of Team Science conference where the focus was on what we can learn about collaboration within science.

The opening workshop was a grounding in the fundamentals of team science – including discussing the pitfalls of team-based projects and how to communicate effectively when team members may come from diverse specialisms with their own sets of jargon and beliefs.

I particularly enjoyed Kara Hall’s 10 steps to consider when planning a team – which listed everything from assessing whether you have the technology in place to get your collaborative work done, to whether you have clearly outlined conflict resolution strategies if things go wrong.

I’ve captured the tweets from the session (mostly me, I’m afraid) in this Storify, with Kara’s 10 pointers towards the end.

Does this list of 10 considerations reflect how you’ve organised any of your own team-based projects – and/or do you wish you’d seen it earlier? Do you think these pointers apply when managing solely online communities too?


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