Announcing Birdaro – a new project to support scientific open source projects as they scale

We’re excited to announce Birdaro, a new project to support open source software (OSS) projects as they consider scaling and plans for long term sustainability, thanks to funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

In recent years, OSS products have become increasingly important within STEM research and beyond – underpinning research methodology and making possible new advances, particularly in high-throughput and data intensive fields. Alongside this growing recognition are emerging and ongoing conversations about how best to support the longer term persistence of these projects – with new organizational entities, conferences, books, reports, and other resources arising to support conversations about project scaling and sustainability. 

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An update about the CSCCE staff team: We have a new org chart!

As Octavia Butler’s famous quote goes, “All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change,” and that has certainly been true for us over the past couple of years at CSCCE. 

Our training offerings have expanded, our client list has grown, and our community of practice has continued to mature – all as we’ve continued to learn and grow as an organization and as individuals. Alongside some of these milestone shifts, we’ve made some changes internally by implementing new technological infrastructure, and continuing to develop and discuss internal team processes and culture. All of this supports us in figuring out how to navigate showing up everyday as people who believe in the power of collaborative work and co-creating together in a complex world. Yes, like you, we’re working on that daily too! 🙂  

As a function of all of this, our staff team has expanded and evolved and, in this post, we share our new org chart. It now includes a new “table of functions” to describe how each of us contributes to CSCCE’s core areas – and we talk a bit in the post about how we ended up here. If you’re interested in discussing the inner workings of a small STEM nonprofit in more detail, do reach out to We’re always interested to hear from others working in a similar context. 

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Welcome to Alycia Crall – CSCCE’s new Director of Community

This week, we welcomed Alycia Crall to the CSCCE staff team as our new Director of Community. We’re thrilled that Alycia, a long time member of our community of practice and frequent collaborator, has decided to join us and bring her wealth of experience as a community manager in STEM to CSCCE! In this blog post, we introduce you to Alycia, and explain a little more about her newly-created role. 

About Alycia

Alycia comes to us from an interim position at the Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA), where she served as Director of Community. Prior to joining ADSA, she was Director of Community at The Carpentries, and was instrumental in developing a new strategic plan for the organization that centered around community engagement. 

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An update on CSCCE staff changes: New year, new org chart!

If you came to January’s community call, you will have heard CSCCE’s Director Lou Woodley talk through some changes to our staff team. There are some new faces joining the team and a new way of looking at our organizational structure that reflects the way we are continuing to grow. In this post, we outline these shifts, signpost where we’re headed, and acknowledge some of the challenges we’ve faced as a rapidly growing, highly collaborative staff team. 

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January, 2023 Community Call Recap: CSCCE’s plans for the next year

For our first community call of 2023, we wanted to continue our tradition of periodic updates about what’s happening at CSCCE. In these updates, we draw back the curtain and share more details about what we’re working on, as well as some reflections that other growing organizations and communities may share. From onboarding new staff members to preparing for the first cohort of our certification program, there’s a lot going on, which brings with it necessary changes in process and underlying technical infrastructure. This recap blog post will get you up to speed on all the news.

Note: A recording of this call is available to members of our Community of Practice, and a link is available in Slack. Please contact if you need assistance. 

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Welcome to Maya Sanghvi – CSCCE’s newest Junior Trainer and Curriculum Assistant

We have another new staff member to tell you about! Maya Sanghvi joined CSCCE’s training team earlier this month, having recently graduated with a BS in cognitive science from Yale University. We’re so excited to welcome Maya to the team, and can’t want to see how she contributes to our expanding training offerings. Read on for a little more about Maya!

About Maya

Just like several other members of the CSCCE staff team, Maya has a scientific background, and conducted research on decision-making while she completed her undergraduate training. And, like our entire staff team, she sees the need for a more human-centric approach to research culture. 

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Welcome to Cat Dayger – CSCCE’s new Director of Operations and Technology

In 2023 we’ll be adding several new staff members to our team, the first of whom is our new Director of Operations and Technology, Cat Dayger! We’re so excited that Cat is here, and in this blog post we’ll tell you a bit more about her and her newly created role at CSCCE.

About Cat

A photo of Cat Dayger, who has brown hair, light blue eyes, and is wearing blue rectangular earrings.

Cat is based in Portland, Oregon, where she previously worked as the assistant director of team science and strategy at the Knight Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR) center. Her work at CEDAR included overseeing team development, creating new processes for reviews and promotions, developing diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, and implementing center-wide leadership initiatives and trainings. While in this role, she took part in CSCCE’s Scientific Community Engagement Fundamentals course, and has been a member of our community of practice for almost two years. 

Image credit: Rebecca Benoit

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New project: Open science cloud infrastructure and training for communities in Latin America and Africa

This article is cross-posted from the 2i2c blog with additional text describing CSCCE’s role. 

We are excited to announce that the team and proposal described in this blog post has been awarded funding by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative!

Our goal is to create a collaborative cloud infrastructure service that enables community-based cloud-native workflows in the biosciences. We will promote values of open and inclusive community practices, infrastructure that enables these practices, and a “train the trainers” approach that empowers community leaders to share expertise in cloud infrastructure with others in their communities. Our focus will be on communities in Latin America and Africa, and we hope to learn how this model could be extended to other global communities that are historically marginalized from large-scale scientific infrastructure projects.

CSCCE will be working with all of the partners involved in the grant to identify a model for running Open Science Cloud Services (OSCS) for global communities that is generalizable, sustainable, and replicable. We’ll be hosting a series of project kickoff meetings to align everyone around shared vocabulary and best practices for working together, which will be codified into core documentation such as a team playbook. And we’ll be supporting a newly-hired program manager for the project. 

This is a collaborative effort between 2i2c, The Carpentries, CSCCE, Invest in Open Infrastructure, MetaDocencia, and Open Life Science. For more detailed information, see the blog post with our full grant narrative.

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Welcome to Adrienne Gauthier – CSCCE’s new Trainer and Learning Program Manager

This week we welcomed Adrienne Gauthier to the CSCCE team. She joins us as our new Trainer and Learning Program Manager, and will be working to help us expand our portfolio of professional development offerings and devise programmatic pathways through them for the range of STEM community managers that we support. In this blog post, find out a little bit more about Adrienne, and why we’re so excited to have her on board! 

About Adrienne

Adrienne is an instructional design expert who comes to us from Dartmouth College, where she spent almost a decade working with STEM faculty to design courses for undergraduate learners. Through consultations, thought-partnership, collaboration, and faculty development workshops and events, she shared and promoted a learner-focused and inclusive teaching philosophy. During her time at Dartmouth, she was the program manager for the Learning Fellows Program, supporting and guiding faculty and undergraduate peer learning mentors in collaborative learning environments.

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Welcome to Alice Martinic – CSCCE’s newest Trainer and Curriculum Assistant

This week we welcomed a new full time staff member to the CSCCE team: Alice Martinic. Alice joins our growing training team, headed up by Director of Learning, Camille Santistevan, and will be involved in administering and delivering our professional development courses.

She’ll work with Camille, and Founder and Director Lou Woodley, as we build out several new courses coming later this year. Read on to find out more about Alice’s background in learning management and connection to the STEM ecosystem. 

About Alice

Before joining the CSCCE team, Alice was Associate Director of New Mexico State University’s Teaching Academy. In that role, she oversaw university-wide programming to support instructors as they developed engaging and inclusive lessons and labs. Initially, her work focused on in-person classes, but with the pandemic-induced pivot to online learning, Alice created trainings tailored to the virtual space.

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