An update about the CSCCE staff team: We have a new org chart!

As Octavia Butler’s famous quote goes, “All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change,” and that has certainly been true for us over the past couple of years at CSCCE. 

Our training offerings have expanded, our client list has grown, and our community of practice has continued to mature – all as we’ve continued to learn and grow as an organization and as individuals. Alongside some of these milestone shifts, we’ve made some changes internally by implementing new technological infrastructure, and continuing to develop and discuss internal team processes and culture. All of this supports us in figuring out how to navigate showing up everyday as people who believe in the power of collaborative work and co-creating together in a complex world. Yes, like you, we’re working on that daily too! 🙂  

As a function of all of this, our staff team has expanded and evolved and, in this post, we share our new org chart. It now includes a new “table of functions” to describe how each of us contributes to CSCCE’s core areas – and we talk a bit in the post about how we ended up here. If you’re interested in discussing the inner workings of a small STEM nonprofit in more detail, do reach out to We’re always interested to hear from others working in a similar context. 

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