Asynchronous content

Event-related participation that can be done on an attendee’s own schedule; does not require “live” participation. Digital examples include pre- or post-event recordings of presentations, discussion boards where topics are posed and answered, and messaging tools that allow attendees to interact outside of sessions. Face to face equivalents might include posters (that are left up outside of poster sessions), an expo fair with information to pick up, and other exhibits to peruse outside of live sessions. 

Offering digital asynchronous content makes an event more inclusive by allowing participants to interact with content in their own time zone, when they have access to childcare, or using modes of communication that they prefer (e.g., written rather than spoken communications). 

See also: Synchronous content

Citation: Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement. (2022) CSCCE Glossary: Virtual Events. Pratt, Woodley, Ainsworth, Carter, Crall, Elkins, Gauthier, Ihle, Kornahrens, Martinic, Santistevan, Shaikh, Sidik, and Wyatt doi: 10.5281/zenodo.6608609

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