Social media card

This is usually a .jpg or .pdf file that uses graphics and text to display key details about an event. Social media cards are optimized to a platform (and it’s a good idea to check the format requirements before creating a card as they do change over time) and help draw attention to your event by being visually appealing and easily shareable.

Things to include on your card:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Speaker names and affiliations
  • Host organization branding
  • Sponsor branding
  • Event hashtag

Citation: Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement. (2022) CSCCE Glossary: Virtual Events. Pratt, Woodley, Ainsworth, Carter, Crall, Elkins, Gauthier, Ihle, Kornahrens, Martinic, Santistevan, Shaikh, Sidik, and Wyatt doi: 10.5281/zenodo.6608609

Categories: Virtual events
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