Virtual help desk

The virtual equivalent of an event help desk; a place where event participants can find help with technical issues or questions they may have about the event’s agenda. Depending on your event and the technology available to you, this might be a shared inbox, a dedicated Slack channel, or a function of your event platform. The person or people staffing the help desk may require training to be effective at dealing with a variety of inquiries from participants. 

Citation: Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement. (2022) CSCCE Glossary: Virtual Events. Pratt, Woodley, Ainsworth, Carter, Crall, Elkins, Gauthier, Ihle, Kornahrens, Martinic, Santistevan, Shaikh, Sidik, and Wyatt doi: 10.5281/zenodo.6608609

Categories: Virtual events
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