The person, or people, responsible for ensuring your event meets its goals. A session moderator will guide the conversation, keep presenters to time, and handle questions from the audience. A technical moderator will ensure the projector functions and/or the virtual event platform is working, as well as monitoring any interactions with the virtual tools and addressing emergent needs such as technical questions. 

AKA: Host, Session chair

See also: Facilitator, Technical facilitator, Event producer

Citation: Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement. (2022) CSCCE Glossary: Virtual Events. Pratt, Woodley, Ainsworth, Carter, Crall, Elkins, Gauthier, Ihle, Kornahrens, Martinic, Santistevan, Shaikh, Sidik, and Wyatt doi: 10.5281/zenodo.6608609

Categories: Virtual events
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