CSCCE in Japan (virtually!): Making a PACT for more engaging virtual meetings and events

The Japan SciCom Forum took place online 26-27 October 2021. The event was hosted by the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) in Tokyo, and focused on giving participants practical tools for communicating about science in English. 

CSCCE’s Lou Woodley and Camille Santistevan facilitated a workshop at the forum, sharing our PACT framework for virtual event planning, and staying up way past their bedtime to participate on Tokyo time! In this post, we share a little bit more about the event, our workshop, and how you can request a similar workshop for your organization or event. 

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Webinars and mini-workshops

CSCCE webinars and mini-workshops are an opportunity to dive deeper into some of our core frameworks and models. They are a great way to get a taste of our more in-depth online training modules, or acquire a broad understanding of the importance of STEM communities and the role of the community manager in STEM.

Each 90-minute mini-workshop includes presentations and interactive activities designed to inspire and empower you to reassess your own work through a community-centric lens. You will come away from each mini-workshop with actionable insights, new language and frameworks to discuss collaborative work and community-building roles, and new professional connections with others in similar roles and organizations. 

Our 60-minute webinars are intended for senior managers, funders, and evaluators, as well as practicing community managers, who would like an introduction to core topics about community-building in a shorter, information-rich format. 

Wonderful experience! It would be nice to have more! 

Online workshop participant, May 2020

Series details

Virtual events mini-workshops

This series of five mini-workshops, running initially in July and August of 2021, will explore topics related to planning and facilitating engaging online events, as well as a forward-looking exploration of hybrid in-person/virtual events.

Participants can pick and choose which mini-workshops in the series to take, or sign up for the entire series. While the sessions build thematically upon one another, each stands alone in terms of content.

Mini-workshops offered in this series are: 

  • Event planning: Making a PACT for engaging virtual meetings and events
  • Event planning: Selecting tools to supplement your online meetings and events
  • Event facilitation: Making decisions during your virtual meetings
  • Event facilitation: Supporting conversations before, during and after virtual meetings and events
  • Hybrid events: Making hybrid events the best of both worlds 


Do the webinars or mini-workshops duplicate materials from CSCCE courses?

No. Our webinars and mini-workshops either go deeper on concepts and frameworks mentioned in our online modular trainings, or they cover entirely new topics. We use similar pedagogical techniques, however, so by taking a CSCCE webinar or mini-workshop you will get a taste of what it feels like to take a longer course.

Do you offer a discount if multiple members of my organization want to attend?

Yes. Others from your organization can claim a 10% discount on subsequent bookings for the same webinar or mini-workshop (on the same date and at the same time). This discount does not apply to other webinars, mini-workshops, dates, or times. Please email to discuss bulk reservations and obtain a discount code.

My job title isn’t community manager – are these intended for me?

If you are working with scientific communities or research collaborations in an academic, industry, or professional association setting, then yes. Additionally, program officers or funders who oversee community-centric initiatives, or professionals involved in running mentoring or alumni networks, might be particularly interested in some of our webinars. 

If you are uncertain if a particular session or series is right for you, please contact us by emailing

Will you be offering additional dates in the future?

Probably, yes. These initial offerings are part of a pilot phase in which we are exploring the topics and formats that resonate. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to be among the first to hear about future dates, or check our website again around September for updated information. 

Thank you for this fantastic webinar…I have loved this meeting today. I feel very energized. 

Online meeting participant, May 2020