A brand new community of practice (CoP) for scientific community managers – the CSCCE CoP

By CSCCE Director, Lou Woodley

Supporting scientific community managers

CSCCE’s primary mission is to support and study the work of scientific community engagement managers – those professionals who build and nurture teams, networks and communities within science.

We do this through a variety of activities including our year-long fellowship program for existing scientific community-builders. This week, we expand our programming by launching a brand new community of practice (CoP) open to scientific community managers and those interested in this emerging role. Whether you’re new to community engagement or have many years or experience, whether you’re building, funding or evaluating communities in science, we welcome you to join and help to shape this new, supportive learning space.

Provide support for scientific community managers remains at the heart of CSCCE’s mission. Image credit: CSCCE
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Join our first CSCCE community call!

As part of the launch of our brand new community of practice for scientific community managers, you’re warmly invited to join our first community call this Wednesday, 30th October at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific, 6pm GMT – note that the clocks went back in the UK this past weekend).

What’s a community call?

A community call is a regular online event for community members to come together and meet one another, discuss topics of shared interest, and learn new things. Calls might include individual presentations, guest speakers, celebrating successes or diving deeper to brainstorm a particular topic in more detail.

We’ll be hosting a community call once per month on the third Wednesday of every month, but to kick things off this month we’ll be meeting on Wednesday 30th October.

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