November’s community call recap: Exploring community governance models

Over the last few months, the topic of community governance has come up multiple times in our community of practice Slack workspace. So, we decided to dedicate our November community call to discussing the pros and cons of various governance models. In this blog post, we share a brief recap of the call, along with some additional resources to help you go deeper on this topic on your own or with your team. 

The discussion during the last 30 minutes of the call felt like the beginning of what could be a much larger conversation, and so if you are interested in a follow-up call or other means of keeping the conversation going, please reach out to us at

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November’s Community Call: A conversation about community governance

For our November community call (17 November, 4pm UTC / 11am EST | join here) we’re hosting a conversation on community governance. This topic has come up several times this year in our community of practice, and so we wanted to create an opportunity to explore it in more detail through a set of activities, resource-sharing, and discussion.

The call will include a short primer on community governance models, as well as opportunities to discuss governance structures currently in place in the ecosystem of STEM communities. In order to make this a safer space for sharing and learning, this month’s call WILL NOT BE RECORDED. And, to ensure that you get the most out of the experience, we encourage you to stay for the full 90 minutes. 

On our November call, we’ll offer a primer on different models of governance in communities, with a focus on the STEM ecosystem. Image credit: CSCCE
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