We strive to provide trainings, events and other experiences that are stimulating and contextualized for your needs. Here’s what some of our Fellows and clients say about the activities that we host and support.

Workshop participants

Wonderful experience! It would be nice to have more!

Online workshop participant, May 2020

Thank you for this fantastic webinar…I have loved this meeting today. I feel very energized.

Online meeting participant, May 2020

Thank you for this [workshop] series. It’s been very useful and has helped me to gain a more holistic view of the programs we run and how the different components of our activities fit together.

Workshop series participant, April 2020

I really enjoyed it… I thought Lou did an excellent job and really helped me think more deeply about this effort.

Workshop participant, February 2020

Your session was very well received, multiple people came up to me later in the day to say that it was their favorite session of the day, got them thinking about aspects of their project they don’t normally think about…

Workshop participant, November 2019

CEFP Fellows

Being a part of the CSCCE community engagement fellowship program this year has been formative for me. Exploring the different aspects and unique challenges of managing and developing scientific communities with a group of peers has been invaluable for my professional and personal development (as well as a lot of fun!). It’s encouraged me to think deeply and creatively about my approach to my work and given me the opportunity to try my hand at podcasting. Learning and mentorship in the fellowship has extended beyond cohort weeks and, I hope, beyond the fellowship year as well. 

Arielle Bennett-Lovell, CEFP2019 Fellow

Beyond the specific training I received during my CEFP fellowship, what I value most is connecting with people who share an understanding of and excitement about the unique opportunities and challenges of community engagement as a professional pursuit. Through the CSCCE, I continue to connect with my peers online, individually and in groups, to talk through challenges, get and give advice, and encourage each other. 

Stefanie Butland, CEFP2017 Fellow

The CEFP program was critical to my professional growth: I was able to put a name and a frame to what I do in facilitating research collaborations, and I gained tools and skills to do this work more impactfully. Most importantly, however, it connected me to a community of my peers, with whom I continue to learn and grow.

Jennifer Davison, CEFP2017 Fellow

Through CEFP, I’ve developed regular co-working relationships with several like-minded people who also care about good community management in the scientific and open science contexts, which have been invaluable to me as I work remotely and often alone. I’ve made leaps and bounds from the insight that has come from sharing thoughts and workflows with these lovely people.

Naomi Penfold, CEFP2019 Fellow

As a researcher transitioning to community management, and the only full-time employee of my organization (based in north Iceland!), the CSCCE Community Engagement Fellows Program (CEFP2017) gave me a valuable cohort of kindred community managers to share experiences, exchange skills, and work together to professionalize scientific community management.

Allen Pope, CEFP2017 Fellow

CEFP gave me a new framework for looking at my day-to-day work, not just the “how” of it, but the why, too. Leaving the fellowship year with a new cohort of colleagues and friends was perhaps the most valuable outcome to me; a nascent community of practice I had no idea could exist in our scattered and varied profession. 

Katie Pratt, CEFP2017 Fellow

The CEFP program gave me a platform for moving my organization towards a more collaborative manner and view. This enabled us to increase community engagement, and later to rebuild our organization patterns from scratch. We are much more efficient now in our community building, which helps both the community members and us.

Malin Sandström, CEFP2017 Fellow

Participating in the CEFP 2017 year was a transformative breath of fresh air. The unique type of camaraderie I found in the group of fellows was one that made me feel both supported as well as inspired to approach my work in community management and engagement with a new level of confidence and creativity.

Rosanna Volchok, CEFP2017 Fellow

The 2017 CEFP was transformational in how I think about scientific collaborations, the importance of community engagement in cultural change, and the strategic space necessary to evolve this professional niche. It was enlightening and empowering, while also being new and terrifying. I am grateful for the confidence it gave me to be where I am now, and I know it will continue to be a source of strength and inspiration as my journey evolves.

Elisha Wood-Charlson, CEFP2017 Fellow