Planning and Delivering Successful Virtual Meetings and Events

Course overview

Many scientific community managers are tasked with convening, running, and facilitating virtual meetings and events. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, acquiring or honing the skills needed to do these things well has become even more critical. This course is tailored to the needs of scientific community managers working in any STEM discipline, and will equip participants with both technical solutions and practical strategies for hosting meetings, workshops, and conferences online.

Anyone can register for this course. However, if you are unfamiliar with CSCCE’s core frameworks we do suggest taking Scientific Community Engagement Fundamentals as a primer. CEFP alumni will have the background needed to take this course.

Course structure

Each week, participants will meet virtually (using Zoom) for a 90 minute lesson and a 60 minute Co-Lab. While lessons will involve structure presentations and activities, Co-Lab time is for more discussion, reporting out, and seeking feedback from instructors and fellow learners.

Each week will also include approximately 90 minutes of homework, for a total time commitment of 4 hours per week

Successful completion of the course requires attendance at 11 out of 12 of these sessions, at a minimum, as well as completion of homework assignments.


  • Camille Santistevan, CSCCE Lead Trainer and Curriculum Development Specialist
  • Lou Woodley, CSCCE Director

Topics covered

  • Planning your event – goals and resources
  • Onboarding communications
  • Facilitation – and designing for inclusion
  • Event formats to support attendee engagement
  • Making online tools work for you
  • Post-event activities

Upcoming session

Due to demand for scientific community engagement fundamentals we’ve decided to postpone the pilot of this course until later in 2021, however we will continue to offer programming around the transition online. Updates on this course, along with additional CSCCE programming, will appear in our monthly newsletter (sign up here). We will also update this page as we finalize our plans. Please contact if you have any questions.