CSCCE Special Interest Groups

In addition to our working groups which are often focused on producing a specific output – and which may then close once the group’s goals have been achieved – CSCCE special interest groups (SIGs) are more open-ended opportunities for members to explore a community engagement topic.

Starting in mid-2020, we’re trialing a small number of member-led special interest groups to determine how best staff can support their success while enabling members to pursue their own interests.

Building upon one another’s knowledge! Image credit: CSCCE

Data science SIG

Co-chairs: Alycia Crall and Steve van Tuyl

Channel in the CSCCE Slack: #data_science_sig

About the group: The Data Science SIG is a space for community managers from data science, data science adjacent, and data science interested communities to gather and share activities, updates, and observations. We are especially interested in learning how cross-community information sharing and activities can raise up all of our communities.

Diversity, equity and inclusion SIG

Co-chairs: Kate Baker, Arielle Bennett-Lovell and Cass Gould van Praag

Channel in the CSCCE Slack: #diversity_equity_inclusion_sig

About the group: The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion SIG is a space for community managers to share experiences, ideas, and resources about diversity, equity and inclusion in scientific communities. We want to create a space to talk about what we can do in our own communities and organizations to amplify the voices, stories, and emotions that need to be heard and tackle some of the structural barriers that can prevent equitable participation in science. 

Open Research SIG

Co-chairs: Cass Gould van Praag and Dylan Roskams-Edris

Channel in the CSCCE Slack: #open_research_sig

About the group: The Open Research SIG is a place for people involved in coordinating and promoting open research practices to network, support, share information, experiences and advice.