CEFP Alumni

All CEFP Fellows contribute several blog posts over the course of their fellowship. You can read about their experiences of participating in the fellowship, what they learned, and what they’re working on in their organizations here.

All alumni are invited to join an ongoing community of practice for scientific community engagement professionals that includes regular free webinars, skills swaps, and exchanging of resources. Some Fellows choose to continue their project team work and may apply to be Visiting Scholars to work together again in person.

Rebecca Aicher – New role as Project Director, Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues, AAAS.

Amber Budden – Co-authored a book chapter on communicating research, convened several Ecological Society of America and American Geophysical Union session focussed on data sharing through her position at DataONE, facilitated training events for the NSF Arctic Data Center and continues to work collaboratively to Make Data Count

Melanie Binder – Plantae was awarded the 2018 Excellence in New Communication Award from the Society for New Communications Research & The Conference Board; producing The Taproot, a Plantae podcast that recently won the 2018 Gold EXCEL award from the Association Media & Publishing.

Stefanie Butland – Contributed to an invited book sprint for the Open Source Alliance for Open Scholarship; organized another successful rOpenSci unconference.

Jennifer Davison – Secured funding that includes sharing playbook model as part of regional collaboration; co-chair, University of Washington’s Working Group for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification; co-author of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) blog series; CEFP Visiting Scholar.

Josh Knackert – Began a new role in February 2018 as the Outreach Specialist for the UW-Madison Neuroscience Training Program; co-author of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) blog series.  

Andreas Leidolf – New job as University of Utah Honors Coordinator; CEFP Visiting Scholar.

Marsha Lucas – Co-author of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) blog seriesinvited speaker for 2019 AAAS annual meeting.

Heidi Olds – Launched the Open Forum, Society of Petroleum Engineer’s first non-technical discussion forum for members.

Allen Pope – Pulled off a meeting for over 2000 polar scientists from around the world; collaborated on a survey of Arctic science community and project managers; and established a new early career science fellowship in Arctic conservation policy.

Katie Pratt – Co-PI on a new grant to the DCO Engagement Team from the Sloan Foundation; launched a redesign of the DCO website this spring: deepcarbon.net; gave a talk at Goldschmidt 2018 in Boston about using Wikipedia as a science outreach and engagement tool; and AGU session accepted to the 2018 Fall Meeting.

Malin Sandström – Was a CEFP visiting scholar; coordinated INCF’s successful participation in GSoC 2018, with 17 students and 30+ mentors.

Melissa Varga – Launched Science Rising for scientists to engage in the mid-term elections; hired staff member to lead new leadership development initiative for Science Network community members.

Stephanie Vasko – Co-PI on an NSF grant with the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative, Speaker at CMX Summit 2018.

Rosanna Volchok – In 2018, her role at the New York Academy of Sciences expanded and she is now the Associate Director of Membership and Network Engagement; co-author of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) blog series.

Elisha Wood-Charlson – NSF invited speaker to outline how scientific community engagement managers are critical to the success of multi-disciplinary large-scale data integration projects; started a new position as the User Engagement Lead for the Department of Energy Knowledge Base (KBase) at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.