Become a Community Engagement Fellow

The 2019 cohort of Community Engagement Fellows has now graduated. Please read on for general details about our application process. If you’re interested in applying to a future cohort, please email


Before applying, please carefully review the eligibility criteria below as well as our definitions of community engagement and community manager. If you have any questions before applying, please contact:

Once the call for applications is open, please submit your application via the application portal, which will be linked from this page. You can read guidelines for submitting your application here. 


All applications will be reviewed after the closing date. 

“Long-listed” fellowship applicants will be notified and required to: 

  • Attend an online interview; and
  • Submit a Supervisor Questionnaire that clarifies their organization’s community goals during the fellowship year.   

Online interviews with long-listed applicants will take place in the Fall.


If selected to be a Community Engagement Fellow, all fellows will:

  • Support the Program’s mission to professionalize scientific community building
  • Spend the majority of their work time during the fellowship on community engagement activities (i.e. be in a full-time community engagement role)
  • Champion a community engagement strategy in their organization
  • Support members of their organization in the use of community tools or platforms
  • Drive engagement in their organization’s community(ies) by creating and managing content, data, and relationships
  • Participate in training events in Washington, DC, monthly webinars, and regular online discussions
  • Work collaboratively with the other Fellows to share knowledge and compare experiences

Participation in the program takes approximately 15% of a Fellow’s work time. If you have any questions or concerns about the time commitment, an approximate break down of fellowship commitments is available upon request.